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Passive Solar, Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating, Hydraulic Ram Pump Images
Passive Solar, Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating, Hydraulic Ram Pump ImagesPassive Solar, Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating, Hydraulic Ram Pump ImagesPassive Solar, Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating, Hydraulic Ram Pump Images
Passive Solar, Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating, Hydraulic Ram Pump Images
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*** Established 2011 ***
About Us

Established in 2011, we are a privately held company with our green showcase headquarters and home located in the beautiful  Evans Creek Valley of Southern Oregon (please see below construction photos).  We provide national and international engineering and construction design/build professional services for commercial and custom residential projects.  Our focus and passion is hydronic radiant floor heatingpassive solar cooling & heating, and water work projects.

Our Founder, CEO and Principal Engineer, Robert G. (Bob) Borst, was raised in Carlstadt NJ, graduated from Becton Regional High School and Stevens Institute of Technology.  Bob had a distinguished 35 year career with Boeing designing control systems for airplanes, missiles, rockets, rotorcraft, and wind tunnels.  In addition to holding or co-holding patents on several inventions, Bob had the honor of training commercial and military flight crews all over the world including Air Force One.  Unable to prevent Boeing leadership from discarding precious long-term acquired engineering and program management competency for increased short-term profit, Bob left Boeing in 2015 as the last leader of the internationally acclaimed and highly esteemed Boeing Flight Operations Engineering team based in Seattle Washington.  Bob is married to Gayle A. (Crews) Borst who was raised in Austin TX and Munich Germany and graduated from the University of Texas.  Bob and Gayle enjoy spending time with family/friends, fly fishing, hiking, sailing, snow skiing and travelling the world.  Bob and Gayle were active with Boy Scouts of America and their sons Erick and Dietrich became Eagle Scouts and graduated from Central Washington University before starting their own careers in business administration and law enforcement.  Erick also has MBA from Seattle University and is a bank finance administrator.  Dietrich is a Corporal in Edmunds police department and SWAT in Snohomish County WA.

We are licensed Professional Engineers (LN: 85406PE), licensed General Construction Contractors (LN: 193567) and licensed Certified Water Right Examiners (LN: 85406CWRE) who can provide all the professional services you may need to properly address your unique engineering and construction design/build requirements.  In addition to being licensed in compliance with State requirements, we are also fully bonded and insured.  We are active members of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).  Being civic-minded and environmentally conscientious, we are active members of Oregon State Sheriffs' Association, Earth Justice, Sierra Club, Southern Oregon Fly Fishers and WaterWatch.  Bob is a FCC licensed Amateur Extra Class Radio Operator, call sign NZ7N, and participated in setting up an emergency communications network in the Seattle area.

We are do it yourself (DIY) minded at heart and we support like-minded people.  We believe that being self-reliant and building energy efficient homes that use renewable energy resources in a responsible manner is a good philosophy for humanity and our planet.  To this end, we developed free DIY calculators to enable everyone who shares this philosophy an opportunity to accomplish this goal. Please feel free to use our free DIY calculators which are located on our website Calculators tab.
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