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Heat Loss Analysis Calculator - Borst Engineering & Construction LLC
Design Outdoor Dry Bulb Temp (Deg F)
Design Indoor Dry Bulb Temp (Deg F)
Window Area (SF)
Window Total R-Value (Deg F-H-SF/BTU)
Wall Area (SF)
Wall Total R-Value (Deg F-H-SF/BTU)
Door Area (SF)
Door Total R-Value (Deg F-H-SF/BTU)
Ceiling Area (SF)
Ceiling Total R-Value (Deg F-H-SF/BTU)
Floor Type (0=No Exposed Floor, 1=Framed Floor, 2=Basement Floor, 3=Slab-on-Grade Floor)
Floor Area or Exposed Perimeter (SF or Feet)
Floor Insulation R-Value (Deg F-H-SF/BTU)
Building/Room Volume (CF or 0 for CFM)
Infiltration Rate (ACH or CFM, 0.5 ACH typical for new construction)
Window Heat Loss (BTU/Hour)
Wall Heat Loss (BTU/Hour)
Door Heat Loss (BTU/Hour)
Ceiling Heat Loss (BTU/Hour)
Floor Heat Loss (BTU/Hour)
Infiltration Rate (CFM)
Infiltration Heat Loss (BTU/Hour)
Total Heat Loss (BTU/Hour)
Total Heat Loss (BTU/Day)
Total Heat Loss (BTU/Hour-Deg F)
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