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Pulley Drive System Calculator - Borst Engineering & Construction LLC
Horse Power (HP, HP=KW/0.745)
Input Pulley Speed (RPM)
Desired Output Pulley Speed (RPM)
Input Pulley Pitch Diameter (Inches)
Pulley Shaft Center-to-Center Distance (Inches)
Angle of Pulley Groove (Degrees, 90 for Flat and 20 for Vee)
Coefficient of Friction (0.32 is typical for rubber belt/steel pulley)
Input Pulley Torque (Ft-Lbs)
Drive Ratio
Output Pulley Pitch Diameter (Inches)
Input Pulley Belt Lap Angle (Degrees)
Output Pulley Belt Lap Angle (Degrees)
Belt Length (Inches)
Belt Velocity (FPM)
Belt Tension Ratio
Maximum Dynamic Belt Tension (Lbs)
Minimum Dynamic Belt Tension (Lbs)
Cyclic Tension Variation (Lbs)
Required Static Belt Tension (Lbs)
Static Bearing Load (Lbs)
Dynamic Bearing Load (Lbs)
Output Pulley Torque (Ft-Lbs)
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