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Landis Hydraulic Ram Pump Calculator Instructions

Landis Hydraulic Ram Pump Performance Calculator - Developed by Borst Engineering & Construction LLC
Maximum Available Water Source Flow Rate (GPM)
Fall 1 - Water Elevation Above Drive Line Inlet (Feet)
Fall 2 - Drive Line Inlet Elevation Above Pump (Feet)
Lift - Desired Pumping Elevation Above Pump (Feet)
Drive Line Nominal Diameter (Inches)
Drive Line Length (Feet)
Delivery Line Nominal Diameter (Inches)
Delivery Line Length (Feet)
Desired Frequency Setting (Cycles/Minute, Leave blank for Optimum or enter Desired)
Delivery Flow Rate (GPD)
Delivery Flow Rate (GPM)
Waste Flow Rate (GPM)
Drive Flow Rate (GPM)
Actual Frequency Setting (Cycles/Minute)
Installation Efficiency (%)
Minimum Drive Line Length (Feet, Calvert Criteria)
Maximum Drive Line Length (Feet, Calvert Criteria)
Nominal Delivery Line Pressure (PSI)
Nominal Drive Line Pressure (PSI)
Maximum Water Hammer Drive Line Pressure (PSI)
Maximum Pumping Elevation (Feet)
Drive Power (Watts)
Pumping Power (Watts)
Operational Reliability (%)
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